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When it comes to pets, they come first. No matter if you’re a dog lover or a cat person, you have birds or fish, you’ll know what unconditional love your pet gives you and it’s only fair if you return it.

And that’s why we started this website. We wanted to be able to bring you news and reviews on pet care, toys and products, grooming and hygiene, special treats and events. We didn’t want to just keep the site to cats and dogs though. Many people have a wonderful menagerie of pets and we want to give them some space too. While many households have a cat or dog as a member of the family, lots of children have mice or hamsters as a first pet of their very own. When they grow up they might decide to stick with the domestic, or spread their wings and go for something a little more exotic. That’s why we love rats, snakes, lizards, and spiders just as much as we love guinea pigs and rabbits!

If you’re an animal lover, then we really hope you enjoy visiting our site and find the articles, features and news interesting, the product reviews useful and pet care advice helpful. Every contributor to the website is a lifelong pet owner who’s had a variety of different pets over the years. With all that experience of what our pets love, and what they hate to, we’re in the perfect position to share our passion for all things furry, feathery, scaly and shelly.

As a pet owner you might be looking for information about the latest health issues, advice on grooming, reviews on toys, food, beds, travel including pet passports and vaccinations, the best aquarium, terrarium or vivarium for your pet, whatever you’re after, we’re sure that we’ll have something of interest that’s also informative and entertaining.

​We’ll be providing reviews of all things pet related, and don’t worry, we’ll be covering more than just the run of the mill dog chew toys and cat beds. We’ll be covering rat cages, reptile habitats, aviary toys to keep birds entertained, we’ll even try to squeeze in a few pieces about products for horses, goats and donkeys too!

As well as product reviews and articles, we’ll also be supplying how-too’s, tutorials and recipes so you can make creature treats including homemade shampoos (including dry shampoos for smelly cats) made from all edible ingredients, recipes for tasty, healthy pet snacks which are good for your pets. Grooming tips and pet fashions will be coming your way too, just keep coming back for regular new pet based content.

Or, you might not have a pet at all. That’s alright, we understand. If you can’t have a pet for whatever reason, you can always come here to read about our pets. You can ask questions about other pets and animals which might be suitable for you if you have allergies, or your home is just too small to keep a pet.

Travelling with Pets
A lot of people today find pets as their companions. Planning an adventure with your pet can be fun. But of course, it can also be stressful. In fact, there are dogs that will already puke after a few minutes inside the car. You don’t want to encounter this scenario, especially when you are about to go on a long drive. To reduce stress for every pet owner out there, here are some useful tips that you can use when traveling with pets.

Crating the dog

If you have a dog, it is important that you find a good sized crate. It is important that the crate is right for the size of your pet. Aside from having a decent sized crate, it is also imperative that you know the best possible ways of doing this. A lot of pet owners feel bad that they are going to crate their pets. But in reality, they may even feel safer inside it. What you just want to do is to introduce them to the crate weeks prior to the trip. This can even give you enough time to return the crate in case the pet doesn’t fit, as well. Next, make sure that you get the pet tired before you even put them into the crate. Most likely, they will just sleep once they are tired. And of course, make sure that the crate doesn’t contain anything that can potentially harm the dog such as his or her leash.

Always show positive energy

When driving, it is a good idea that the pet is inside a crate. This can prevent distractions and minimize the potential repercussions. But in order to keep the pet in a good mood, it is a good idea that you always present a positive energy for your pet. This means that you shouldn’t shove your pet inside the crate as if it is a prison. Make sure that you provide positive reinforcement instead. You can give the pet some food and even praise him or her for going inside the crate willingly. Next, it is also a good idea that you talk to your pet while you are traveling, your voice should be reassuring that you are just around.

Do your research prior to the travel date

It is important that you do your research before you even travel with your dog or cat. Is the hotel you are staying pet-friendly? Do you need to get on a plane? These are things that you will need to cover if you decide to travel with your pet. If you are bringing your pet out of the country, you can expect a great number of paper works that has to be accomplished. Make sure that you fill everything up in advance. A lot of people would prefer to travel with pets than leave them with friends or relatives. Traveling with a pet is a great experience for a number of reasons. One, you get to enjoy the company of your dog or your cat even while you are away from your home. Next, you have peace of mind that they are not taken for granted.
Best ways to Groom your Dog
Part of responsible pet ownership is pet grooming. Grooming your dog can be expensive, but you can do it all on your own. By having the right knowledge, grooming your pet can have its perks. Primarily, this can keep the dog healthy and in good shape. Here are some effective ways on how you can groom your fur baby.

Determine how many times should the dog be groomed

It is important to determine to make grooming a natural part of the dog’s routine. It is important that you first determine how many times a dog needs to take a bath for the week. For instance, if it is the summer, it is crucial for some dogs to take a bath at least twice a week.

Use lukewarm water when grooming your dog

Your dog can also get uncomfortable when they are being groomed. One good way to make grooming less stressful is to make sure that you use lukewarm water when bathing the dog. This practice can make the dog feel comfortable making grooming less of a struggle.

Always check the dog for ticks

Ticks can carry parasites that can harm your dog. It is important to always check for ticks whenever you are grooming your dog. There are instances when taking regular baths won’t solve the tick problems. This is especially true when you let the dog walk and interact with other dogs. For this scenario, you will need to talk to your veterinarian. This makes sure that proper medical action is taken.

Use organic and mild shampoo

There are a lot of shampoos in the market. What you need to understand is that your fur baby’s skin is different from humans. It is imperative that you use organic type shampoo when bathing the dog. A lot of products out there contain chemicals that can potentially harm the dog in the long run. The same thing goes for soaps. You want to make sure that you use organic soap to avoid any type of irritation to your dog’s skin.

Make sure to rinse the shampoo and soap completely

It is a common mistake by a lot of pet owners to not rinse the soap and shampoo completely. Always make sure to double check if there’s shampoo or soap left on your dog. This can be a cause of irritation to your dog’s skin.

Check the ears

Cleaning the dog’s ears should be part of the grooming process. This part of your dog’s body can say a lot about your dog’s health. If there’s a foul odor coming from the dog’s ears, this could mean an infestation. Always contact your veterinarian if you encounter this problem. Hygiene should always be a priority for you as a dog owner. Keep in mind that hygiene is a serious matter especially if you want to keep the pet healthy. There are instances when you also need to go to a professional groomer, in case the dog is hard to deal with especially when cutting their nails and even picking the hair on their ear.
The Joys of Exotic Pets
We love cats and dogs. We love goldfish, ferrets and finches. We love mice and rats and guinea pigs. So why do people love to get exotic pets when there are so many native species to have as pets? First of all, they’re different. And that brings with it an array of different challenges that you have to learn to be a competent pet owner. Indeed, you can keep a dog and so long as you feed and walk it, you’ve got a dog. On the other hand, keeping an exotic pet requires education, dedication, and wisdom.  Most people who keep unusual pets rapidly become experts in the unique needs and care requirements that their favourite creature has. Exotic pet keepers become a community of like-minded owners sharing advice and experiences, and offering information to other people who are interested in buying one of the special pets that they love. Exotic pets are also often very long lived, especially if they are cared for properly. In nature animals very rarely die from old age. But once they are taken out of an environment where predation, disease and environmental factors are removed, exotic animals often stay healthy for a very long time. This makes them a great investment, both in terms of money when you buy the pet and all the equipment that your pet requires, and in terms of emotional investment. Once you fall in love with your pet, you can expect it to live with you for many years. They’re lazy. Or rather, they often don’t need a great deal of exercise which makes them perfect for people with issues surrounding mobility, young children and people who work unusual hours. Animals which are nocturnal can be good for children and people who work all day. As they’re asleep all day, they don’t require any attention until people start getting home so they can care for them in the evening. Finally, exotic pets have very different personalities and habits. Getting to know not only how to care for your pet, but the things that make it unique as an intelligent creature can be really interesting, fun and rewarding. Everyone knows that cats are aloof, dogs are loyal and goldfish are supposed to have an 8 second memory (they don’t. They need stimulation and enrichment, just like any other pet), but who knows what the character of a bearded dragon is? If you’ve got one, you already know, if you don’t though, it can be a lot of fun finding out.